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Ambitious underwear enthusiasts will find a superb selection from the Manstore design studio in the M800 series. It pushes, shapes, reveals and displays, with satisfaction guaranteed for unre-strained lust and wanton expectation. Ten sharp styles awaken a collector's passion in black, white, fire red and a new graphic print. Cheeky new arrivals include the ultra jock, all about minimum coverage, and the extremely close-fitting low-rise brief. The new ero pants are double the fun. Turn them into a saucy string tanga with a simple button trick. The hottest item around is still the tarzan strap, which creates a provocative masculine package.


Put it on or take it off - the rainbow flag is here, just in time for the global CSD 2019. Seven loud-and-proud rainbow hues cause quite a sensation as string or pants. The high-stretch microfibre is light, airy and semi-transparent, snugly silhouetting the crown jewels.


You're in for a wild ride here. Fine elasticated tulle that can barely contain the wearer's manly, toned glory, finished with either a leopard or tiger print pattern. The stand-out piece is the low rise brief that could not be any tighter if we tried. The bungee leggings fit like tights, showcasing your masculine assets with their special lift technology.


Lace truly is the perfect material. Even and perhaps especially for confident fashion victims. What looks almost civilised in night-sky blue becomes the life and soul of the party in shrill hot pink. The soft lace is semi-transparent, fully in keeping with the sheer theme of the season. Underneath, we have the thong, cheeky brief, brief and pants. The bungee leggings and pullover body are even more provocative. And the V-neck just goes with everything.


This series, too, plays with the "Sheer is the New Black" theme of the new collection. The draw of this completely transparent tulle series lies in its blend of plain jersey and wild jacquard. The strapped leggings and thong body are perhaps the most out-there representatives of this black show-off line.


The lush print repeats the colours of the Rainbow series. The slim tank and polo shirt combine perfectly with the seven plain colours of the M601 CSD series. But the tower thong and micro pants are so bright, they might be just as stunning on their own.


For this range, Manstore Underwear has been cut down to size to MNSTRNDRWR. You don't need vowels to be vocal, reads the claim on the waistband. The finest micromodal fibre, ribbed, knitted in black, white and grey melange. In addition to the classic brief, tanga, pants and shirt, there's a lusty new boy in town, the lasso jock. The facts are clear: flaunt your masculinity with flattering push and contouring effects. As ever, slinky comfort is part of the package.

M858 Nightclub

Luxurious panne velvet in night-sky blue and Bordeaux red are the heart of this special series for one-off party nights. The pullover body in particular is a shining star under fine suits or tuxedos. The tower thong, Rio tanga, cheeky brief and micro pants were made for taking off on stage.

M857 Nightclub

Luxurious arabesques cover the entire micro-jersey in the form of a mirrored print. Every piece in the collection glitters like a disco ball in the spotlights. The stripper thong is perfect for home and stage stripteases. The cheeky brief and circus string feature a thick, eye-catching piercing ring. The new micro tanga boasts adjustable silver chains on the sides. And the micro pants and V-neck tee could almost be an entire going-out outfit on their own.


Pure luxury. The lasered imitation nappa leather is as soft and sensitive as the finest leather gloves. Slightly stretchy and in a rich black. Incredibly comfortable against the skin and as easy to clean as a cotton shirt. The carpenter-style vest is a new addition, while the micro pants and tower thong are Manstore classics. The jock pants set toned cheeks free and guide the eye to your best assets.


Sheer is the new black. The theme of the 2019 collection really hits home in this series. The micro tulle is almost completely transparent and makes an alluring, all-baring statement in black and red. Classic thong and pants guide every glance to the perfectly-positioned contents. Micro tanga and boxer pants are finished with the MNSTR elasticated waistband. Three shirts add more combination options. Plain, with sheer text or a leopard graphic.

available from 10.2018

This sublime fetish series is centred around a wafer-thin microfibre with a rich, silky matte finish. It has a touch reminiscent of latex, but is much better for the skin and easier to care for: fully washable, breathable and wonderfully stretchy. The design team is constantly developing new models. The Grope Pants, featuring pockets that are actually deep slits. The long-sleeved Top Shaper that looks like a stole from the back, but leaves the front completely naked. A Brando Shirt with a small banded collar. The Tarzan Body that combines a vest and click-on cock band for a hard, masculine look. And the Black Chaps inspired by the tough guys of the wild west.


A black zig-zag pattern that spreads across the otherwise transparent fabric emphasises the bold nature of this series. The new MNSTR logo waistband on the Cheeky and Micro Brief and the Bungee Pants is particularly striking. We also see it like a captain's armband on the sleeve of the V-Neck, as well as in the centre of the back on the Slim Tank.


There's no hiding in the black wide-mesh fishnet Cheeky Brief and Micro Pants. Everything is on show. Except perhaps for the hands and hair, which can be tucked into the front pocket or hood of the Kangaroo Hoody.


Here, Manstore has used a new Italian microfibre with a sensationally paper-light touch and in-tensely coloured finishes to create a truly unique look. The Retro Brief, Retro Pants, Micro Pants and V-Neck are available in three colours: all-black, black with red stripes or red with black stripes.


Giant black, almost burnout, roses on completely transparent tulle fabric are the main feature here. A homewear series that just begs to be taken off in the right moment. The Boxer Shorts pair perfectly with the Polo Shirt. For a more provocative look, some wear the Ultra Long Tank by itself. Of course, it can also be worn with the Wet Look Shorts underneath, complete with the new MNSTR logo.


Ambitious underwear enthusiasts will find a superb selection from the Manstore design studio in the M800 series. It pushes, shapes, reveals and displays, with satisfaction guaranteed for unrestrained lust and wanton expectation. Ten sharp styles awaken the collector's passion in black and white, or classic zebra stripes. Cheeky new arrivals include the ultra jock, all about minimum coverage, and the extremely close-fitting low-rise brief. The new ero pants are double the fun. Turn them into a saucy string tanga with a simple button trick. The hottest item around is still the tarzan strap, which creates a provocative masculine package.


Men love a bit of mesh, so this fine finish is simply divine. Choose from black or pale mossy green for jock, brief, pants and leggings; a match made in heaven with the low-cut V-neck. The new jock body is one sexy beast: typical wrestler suit on the one side... But turn around and a totally bare bum steals the show.


Our six best sellers come in magenta, navy or ash: tower string, cheeky brief, micro pants and casual tee, plus two new cuts - the minimalist ultra jock and the "fabric-saving" low-rise brief. Quite honestly, it couldn't get any skimpier. Pairs well with the casual tee in paisley lace, colour coordinated with the monochrome items.


Don't slip through the net. Coarse mesh like a fishing net in glossy deep-black is almost too hot to handle. The whole ensemble is flatteringly fused with some very sheer tulle. The bungee pants and cheeky brief are notorious Manstore best sellers; the slim tank and casual tee make a perfect pairing here too. The knee-length workout boxer and double-layered ultra long sleeve are stylish newcomers.


This pullover knit naturally makes a great impression in the form of a pullover body. The bottoms too - hip string, micro brief, micro pants and tight leggings - are avant-garde icons, whose strictly black-and-white cable stitch pegs them as trendsetting outfits, particularly when paired with the slightly fitted casual tee.

M814 Beach

Three flamboyant colours, a high-gloss bathing fabric and the smallest possible cuts make up the ingredients of this steamy beachwear range. Micro pouch, string tanga, micro tanga and cheeky brief will delight sun worshippers in particular and attract curious glances. Hot pants and micro pants make a splash with a well-formed front. Their single layer makes it impossible to conceal what makes a man a man.


Flower power couldn't get any more sensational. Flamboyant blossoms in all the colours of the rainbow garland the black base of this ultra-light microfibre. In addition to the string, brief and pants, the new polo shirt with small zipper is quite the show-stopper. The colour is perfectly tailored to the M601 rainbow series. All tops and bottoms can also be combined as desired.


The colour description "nude" says it all. Skin-tone, ultra-fine tulle so transparent as to be virtually invisible. All you see is the brass-coloured trim and... well, the otherwise virtually nude wearer. A snugly-fitting assortment of briefs and pants is best matched with the casual tee. Tulle is used only on the front of the nude body; the back is nothing but two criss-crossing straps. The only thing left to say is that the series is also available in black, with platinum-coloured trim.

M462 Nightclub

Anyone who wants to add some bling to their striptease has come to the right place here. The four variants - rosso, night, bottle and silver - are covered with a fine but intense glitter effect. With two "quick tap" clips, the stripper string comes off faster than it goes on. The super-sexy hot pants are perfect for highlighting a firm pair of buttocks. The micro pants remain the good little garment to start with.


There's a whole slew of reasons to opt for skin-coloured underwear. The main advantage being that they don't show through white or light-coloured shirts and trousers. But even worn solo they are pretty remarkable. On or off, there's barely any difference to the naked eye. As always, classic Manstore cuts dominate the line here too: string, brief and pants, plus tank top and low-cut V-neck.


Highly polished brass or dark brushed platinum look like they've been forged directly onto the skin. Each variant astounds with its flawless metallic look. The fabrics are identical to those used in the trim for the M809 series. Tops and bottoms are therefore easily interchangeable. Together with the casual tee and string body, the tower string, micro brief and micro pants are quintessential Manstore classics. Another exciting item is the playful grope pants with two pocket inserts, which luckily aren't supposed to perform any kind of pocket function.

M764 Nightclub

The items favoured by professional strippers and dancers are now available for home use, too. The tiny string takes just a tap of the finger, and the sexy garment flies from the body in a wide arc. The surprise briefs also open with a clever clip fastener. The cheeky brief shows off a well-formed pair of buttocks, while the bungee pants perform a little lift-up work at the front. Citro yellow, hot pink, hot green and black await the next performance.

M813 Nightclub

Opinions may differ here. Go for seductive black patent, as pants with a front zipper and matching zipper vest are also available in addition to the scantily cut tower string and micro pants. Or go for bling and beautiful: in which case you've got string, brief and pants to choose from. Either a high-gloss rainbow-iris print or a delicate glitter pattern that reveals all its glory under the disco lights.


Wild graffiti print in vivid rainbow hues goes perfectly with the colour-coordinating M601 series. Each component makes the ultimate eye-catcher for any party when teamed with string/pants/tank top or V-neck. The string body pushes fabulousness to extremes.


This series is perfect for any fetish party. The lightweight black faux leather is covered in semi-circular cut-outs. When the wearer puts them on, these cut-outs stand on end like the proverbial hairs on the back of your neck, creating a reptilian effect. What's more, the onlooker gets to catch a glimpse of the naked skin underneath. The micro briefs and micro pants combine with the slim tank or casual tee. But the tight leggings take the effect to a whole new level.


It's been said that we are living in a post-factual era. An era in which people aren't interested in the cold, hard truth; they'd rather just follow their feelings. If they had been talking about the Manstore underwear collection, they would have hit the bulls-eye. Because all that matters to the confident Manstore man is the electric feeling of wearing a garment that cranks up sex appeal and sends out all the right signals. The M803 range spells this out loud and clear, complete with "fucktual" word play. Two pants, two shirts, black or white.


This deceptively real-looking faux leather is covered with punched-out holes that create a grid pattern of openings all over the lightweight fabric. It comes in two completely outlandish top designs, the slim tank and T-shirt. The wearer enjoys a comfortable waft of cooling fresh air, while the voyeuristic onlooker breaks out in a sweat.


Lace is still a provocative material for men's clothing. For some unthinkable, for fashion victims it's essential. This series is sure to find its fans, as it forgoes traditional black and instead heads straight to bright orange and azure. The tower thong and micro pants are available in their typically tight Manstore style, while the micro brief creates a more classic, retro look. The cheeky body is a new take on the extremely successful cheeky brief with the addition of slim, athletic-looking straps.


Making eyes - the headline for the new tulle series writes itself. The super sexy models all feature striking eye-shaped cut-outs. Provocative at first glance, they get more exciting the closer you get. The delta string, cheeky brief, hot pants and micro pants in neon pink, cyan and black have large eyes right on the front. The V-neck exposes the manly chest underneath, which gives the eyes their "pupils".

M750 Beach

Manstore is now presenting its new beach series. M750 is made from a soft, slightly glossy bathing trunks fabric and features a reflective waistband. This high-tech material produces sensational reflections. The fabric is coated with nano-particles that amplify and reflect the light, creating a dazzling effect at the beach or pool. The cuts are as sexy as ever and the jockstraps are singlelayer only.

M751 Beach

M751 is a pair of bathing trunks made from a slightly glossy, extremely elastic material in three classic colours. This series heats things up as you take to the water with pants and briefs that feature an attention-grabbing cut, as well as a micro pouch. The cuts are as sexy as ever and the jockstraps are single-layer only. The Ibiza briefs have a sexy, low cut style.


The look of black matt latex, the feel of the finest leather gloves and the stretch of jersey underwear. White, yellow, red or blue coloured side stripes could be colour coordinating or a decorative extra, depending on your preferences. The micro briefs sit low on the waist, while the grope pants are a definite must-have. If you want to take things a step further, the string body is the one for you.


This look is a shout-out to heavy metal and punk. All tops and bottoms feature a wide, studded elastic band, for a very cool look when pants and briefs protrude from low rise jeans. Together, these pieces can turn out to be provocative, visual ammunition. The V-neck is the perfect complement to jeans and chinos. Just throw a leather jacket on top and you're done.


The look and feel of this special fabric is virtually indistinguishable from real leather. The silkysoft faux leather in fresh, bold colours makes a sexy contrast to the otherwise black ranges. On top of that, the high-tech fabric boasts advantages over natural leather that are undeniably impressive: washable, antibacterial, satisfyingly stretchy, sensationally soft to the touch and a texture that's silky smooth. The microfibre backing enhances its luxurious comfort against your skin.


This fetish range revolves around sheer, black mesh material combined with a wide, transparentstriped waistband. The delicate mesh is sheer and highly breathable. Beads of sweat can be expected to stand out on anyone who happens to catch a glimpse of it. An explicitly erotic touch is guaranteed thanks to a first impression that's quite transparent and all about your body. The jock briefs' look is the only thing about them that's bound to raise the temperature, and the micro briefs and micro tanga are a big rush to the senses, too. The bungee leggings have a classic look, but masterfully draw the eye to the wearer's best feature.


M420, M763


This semi-transparent microfibre comes in three colours: yellow, orchid and black. The vibrant yellow and tempting orchid are no wallflowers - they bring their wearer immediate attention. And the saucy tight cuts add a little extra. But that's still not all. Your more scandalous parts are stylishly enclosed in a dominant and lustrous black material, making the series a real eye-catcher.


The items favoured by professional strippers and dancers are now available for home use, too. A tiny thong with "quick tap" clips takes just a press of a button, and the sexy garment flies from the body. The microfibre has a shiny, small check coating that creates a shimmering mirror effect like a disco ball. The next set will come in nectar orange, orchid lilac and menta green.